Thermaxx Jackets Removable Insulation

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, “insulating steam distribution lines can typically reduce energy losses by 90% and help ensure proper steam pressure at plant equipment.” While this statistic can easily convince you that insulating your steam lines must be a priority, it doesn’t offer any advice on the best way to insulate your steam pipes.

Designed for Extreme Temperatures

Thermaxx Jackets can be designed for use in extremely high and low temperatures, and are used in a variety of places including universities, hospitals, factories, LNG facilities, & residential buildings.

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Removable Insulation Jackets

Thermaxx designs and manufactures removable insulation jackets and covers for pipes, steam system components, and various industrial equipment.


Expert Steam Component Insulators

The use of Thermaxx Jackets on your steam system components will reduce energy costs without the cost or difficulty associated with hard insulation. Because Thermaxx Jackets are removable, periodic maintenance of your pipes is performed with ease without the necessity of reinstalling hard insulation around the pipe. Is the component you need to insulate too complicated for traditional insulation? No problem. Thermaxx Jackets offers custom insulation jackets to fit your component snugly.