ElectroCell Systems HVAC Tech

ElectroCell Systems is a global manufacturer that has designed and built innovative, patented system, which increases efficiency and reliability in water systems of commercial, industrial, and institutional HVAC facilities for over 17 years.

Advanced Side Stream Particle Precipitator

ElectroCell Systems prides itself on providing customers with the most reliable partner in our people, systems, and in all ongoing technical support. Our mission is to enhance the Chiller / Boiler operation by reducing energy and water usage for our customers. The exclusive ElectroCell system has been perfected by nearly two decades of R&D and is validated by over 100 field installations.

ElectroCell Systems

Water Savings

Reduce make-up water by 20-30% by increasing equipment efficiency, focusing on evaporation rates rather than extending bleed cycles.

Carbon Footprint Reduction

Energy and water savings plus enhancing the chemical effectiveness will significantly impact environmental sustainability.

AWT Presentation – Oct 1st 2020 Bruce Ketrick and Paul McLaine

“3 Technologies Working Together“

General Introduction to ElectroCell Systems