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Our Energy Partner, GlassEnergy, is the East Coast’s premier provider of 3M Sun control and heat rejection window film products. 3M Window Film provides all season benefits by keeping Sun and heat out in the summer while eliminating up to 1/3 of heating system thermal loss in the Winter time. GlassEnergy specializes in both Residential & Commercial buildings as well as Retail Centers.

Analysis & Sustainability

Our Energy Partner, GlassEnergy, lends their service and expertise to Architects, Energy Auditors, Interior Designers, Building Owners and Property Managers. Our sustainability partners are important to us, so it’s critical that we provide the proper analysis detailing the information you need to make informed decisions. Our Energy Audits will provide you with the project payback periods as well as overall reduction in Energy consumption.

Safety & Security Window Film

3M window film offers unparalleled safety & security features while providing you with privacy. 3M Security film eliminates glass breakage preventing smash and grab robberies and injury from flying glass during severe weather events. Unlike a wireless alarm system that can be compromised of performance and your privacy, 3M Solar Security film is always working for you 24-7 even during extensive power outages. Why pay a monthly charge for a security system that can only react to a threat after it happens? Significantly reduce the threat from happening in the first place with 3M Security film.

Eliminate UV Rays

3M window film reduces heat and annoying glare. Protect your family from harmful UV exposure and stop furnishings from fading. Eliminates harmful UV rays by 99.9%. 3M window film products are endorsed by the Skin Cancer Foundation.

Partner Showcase

GlassEnergy partners with Con Edison on a recent Cushman & Wakefield window film energy project. Saving the building nearly $500K per year and 15% on overall utilities!


If you are interested in learning more about GlassEnergy, or would like to receive a 3M Window Film Consultation for your properties; please send us a message.

We provide a no pressure atmosphere during our meetings. We offer both live webinars with our Partners included, or scheduled phone meetings with an IESG Energy Expert.

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