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Gotham 360

Gotham 360

Our Partner, Gotham 360, is a national energy management consulting firm based in New York City, working with clients on creative energy strategies for the 21st century.

Innovative Energy Solutions

In today’s complex energy landscape, organizations of all sizes are facing cost volatility, interruption of supply concerns, and challenges to reduce their carbon footprint. With help from Gotham 360, your organization will be empowered to make fully informed decisions on both the supply and demand sides of your energy meter.

Energy Procurement and Purchasing

Gotham 360 brings a unique perspective to deregulated market operations. Their team of procurement specialists are continually monitoring the energy markets and informing our clients of favorable purchasing opportunities. They offer the option of executing a procurement deal via our in-house reverse auction platform, for enhanced competitive pressure. All Gotham 360 procurement strategies are fully-aligned with our clients’ budget constraints and risk profiles.

Their proven procurement strategies provide Gotham 360 clients with a competitive edge. They actively match purchased volumes with real-world energy requirements, advising our clients how to reduce energy consumption at strategic times to improve cost effectiveness. Gotham 360 procurement solicitations include detailed screening of potential suppliers for credit worthiness, full contract review and negotiation, and an analysis of the most appropriate service terms and products available to meet our client’s budgetary and sustainability objectives.

Gotham 360 Team

Our Partners, Gotham 360, brings 30 years of strategy, planning, consulting, and operational experience to the table to help your organization build an energy management strategy attuned to the realities of the 21st century.


If you are interested in learning more about Gotham 360, or would like to receive an Innovative Energy Consultation for your properties; please send us a message.

We provide a no pressure atmosphere during our meetings. We offer both live webinars with our Partners included, or scheduled phone meetings with an IESG Energy Expert.

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