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Our Energy Partner, Ecopilot, over-modulates your existing BMS based on the thermal storage capacity of your buildings in order to make it operate more efficiently.

What does Ecopilot do?

Ecopilot interfaces to any existing building management systems to optimally control heating, cooling and ventilation. It utilizes real time indoor data, raw weather forecasts and the thermal mass/storage capacity of a building to offset the Building Automation System automatically and continuously from its prescribed set points to align with a new set point known as the buildings “balance point temperature”. Benefits include reduced energy costs and CO2 emissions, and most importantly, an improved interior climate.

How does Ecopilot work?

Ecopilot optimizes energy consumption by taking advantage of a building’s thermal mass and its ability to store energy. The software also accounts for internal heat sources (computers, lighting, people), solar radiation and a five-day weather forecast (including outdoor temperature, wind-speed, wind direction, sunshine hours and precipitation) in order to prioritize and optimize the operation of HVAC systems. Predictive weather forecasts enable Ecopilot to prepare for long term heating and cooling needs, in the most efficient way possible. 

Ecopilot’s algorithm aligns the building management system with the building’s balance point temperature instead of the outdoor temperature and send offsets to the BMS every two minutes. Balance temperature is calculated using stored thermal energy, indoor & outdoor temperature, current & future weather conditions as well as other variable factors. The balance temperature allows the building to ‘eco-drive’, since long-term energy demands are considered, ensuring your building doesn’t unnecessarily accelerate while braking, i.e., heat while cooling, the way traditional building management systems operate.

Benefits of Ecopilot

  • Ecopilot uses real-time data, 5-day weather forecasts and building thermodynamics to proactively optimize your automation system in real time.
  • Our smart customers see an average 25% reduction annually in HVAC energy consumption.
  • Maintaining an indoor climate within a comfortable, stable range has been shown to increase productivity while reducing illness and complaints. Ecopilot optimizes the coordination and long-term planning of the connected HVAC systems. This saves energy but also eliminates large temperature differences resulting in a more pleasant indoor environment.
  • Ecopilot installation is non-evasive, with no disruption to your day-to-day business operations.

Ecopilot Technology Recap

Ecopilot is a powerful tool for the operations team. By automatically adjusting your heating/cooling curves 24/7, time spent on this function by property and facilities management personnel is significantly reduced. Ecopilot also identifies imbalances, system failures and flaws in the connected heating/cooling systems, providing essential information on where operators may want to focus attention, to make additional system improvements that will further reduce consumption and costs for the building.


If you are interested in learning more about Ecopilot, or would like to receive a Consultation about how Ecopilot will enhance your existing BMS; please send us a message.

We provide a no pressure atmosphere during our meetings. We offer both live webinars with our Partners included, or scheduled phone meetings with an IESG Energy Expert.

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