Integrity Energy Solutions Group strives to provide you with current and relevant energy products, technologies and information. The most common questions we hear are published below. If we can directly assist in helping you answer any questions, we welcome you to contact us.

Integrity Energy Solutions Group regularly hosts informative webinars, peer exchange calls, meetings and conference calls. A majority of the projects have an extensive timeline and the best way to help communicate each step of the buildings improvement process is to share and engage. CEO's from each of IESG's energy solution partners help collaborate in each step of the plan.

All of Integrity Energy Solutions Group energy partners provide energy savings analysis tools for each specific project. The realized savings is illustrated using your specific data. We challenge business owners, property managers, facility directors and others to take advantage of these no cost savings evaluations and discover what buildings actual savings could be.

Depending on what technologies are used in your property and what usable data your outputs offer; we can create a custom best practices plan for you. Each of our energy partners offer white papers and engineer a project plan specific to your energy system upgrades.

A variety of incentives are available from federal, state and city departments. IESG and each of our energy solution partners are members of associations and programs that help to incorporate maximum savings for these improvements. Business leaders know that just as their companies progress it is their responsibility to maintain and upgrade their buildings energy efficiency plans as well.

Our video webinars are recorded and published as a resources. Each of our energy solution partners offer their companies specific news, newsletters, white papers and case studies. All of that content is available here in one place. IESG is on LinkedIn, Facebook and Energy Videos available on Youtube. Get the Integrity Energy Solutions Group Newsletter for direct links to all of our energy efficiency resources.

IESG and our energy solution partners work with Industrial, Commercial, Residential Buildings, Higher Education Facilities, Municipal Buildings, Churches, Hospitals and any other organization that uses our energy technologies. If your building uses any of our partners solutions; we can provide you a specific evaluation for your properties. Contact IESG for additional details.

Initially, we setup a meeting to introduce each person involved. Then we provide forms that evaluate your available data to get the project plan started. Our experts will work with you and your team members to make the steps of the project enjoyable. Once the project plan on the site is created, will we coordinate the arrangements for any physical inspections if necessary following COVID guidelines.

Contact IESG directly for any specific questions you have about our processes.

IESG is based in New York, but our energy solution partners are located across the United States. We work with clients from all over the U.S. To speak with us directly, please contact IESG at 1-800-757-2406. Or you can send us a message.

Yes, we many resources available. We recommend subscribing to the IESG Newsletter for current resource links. You can send us a message to receive our print marketing information. Also, the IESG News feed is a great resource for timeline materials.