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Stop Loosing Money on Failing Steam Traps

Introducing: Everactive - Wireless Battery-less Sensor Technologies


Everactive - Wireles Battery-less Sensor Technology

Solving Key IoT Challenges:

  • Insights from new data streams
  • Real-time alerts & notifications
  • Cross-platform, easy bridges
  • Continuous sensing & wireless transmission
  • Using only low-levels of harvested energy
  • IP66 | Class I, Division 2 | wide operating range


While designing a project that will require a visit to each steam trap, combine Everactive Steam Trap monitoring with Thermaxx insulative jackets and Slate tags.

During installation, all metadata will be captured and saved into the cloud, completely digitizing your steam system. Scan any tag to immediately see the real-time status in the cloud.

Protect your investment and make it easier for maintenance teams to locate traps.

Learn more about this Green Technology by contacting IESG directly.

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