3M GlassEnergy

We lend our service and expertise to Architects, Energy Auditors, Interior Designers, Building Owners and Property Managers.

Building iQ

The BuildingIQ platform learns and evolves with your building's needs or that of your portfolio of buildings.

Cypress Envirosystems

Our goal is to help older plants and buildings save energy and improve productivity through wireless pneumatic thermostats.

ElectroCell Systems

Patented Advanced Side Stream Particle Precipitator Technology for improved energy efficiencies.

Greffen Systems

The M2G system is designed to be used in a wide variety of commercial applications that consume natural gas, LP gas, Class C oil or Class D oil.

Thermaxx Jackets Removable Insulation

The use of Thermaxx Jackets on your piping will reduce energy costs without the cost or difficulty associated with hard insulation.

KES Kitchen Energy Solutions Ventilation EcoAzur

Demand Control Kitchen Ventilation Energy Solutions within commercial, industrial, kitchen facilities.


Optilumen is a leading edge LED manufacturing company specializing in creating and producing the very best LED retrofit solutions available today.