3M Safety & Security Window Films

3M Glass Energy, specializing in both residential & commercial buildings as well as retail strip centers large or small. Energy efficient safety and security films that generate energy savings.

3M window films offer unparalleled safety & security features while providing you with privacy. 3M Security films eliminate glass breakage preventing smash and grab robberies and injury from flying glass during severe weather events. Unlike a wireless alarm system that can be compromised of performance and your privacy, 3M Solar Security films are always working for you 24-7 even during extensive power outages. Why pay a monthly charge for a security system that can only react to a threat after it happens? Significantly reduce the threat from happening in the first place with 3M Security films.


We lend our service and expertise to Architects, Energy Auditors, Interior Designers, Building Owners and Property Managers every day. Our sustainability partners are important to us, so it’s critical that we provide the proper analysis detailing the information you need to make informed decisions. Our energy audits will provide you with the project payback periods as well as overall reduction in energy consumption.

BMS IoT energy savings software

Building iQ's 5i Intelligent Energy Platform, IoT software, is installed in days, deployed in weeks, and delivers a positive ROI in months, with a guaranteed payback.

Behind every deployment is a support team of experienced energy engineers who ensure system performance, identify “energy drain” faults that otherwise would go undetected, and act as a trusted partners for building operators.

Building iQ 5i Intelligent Energy Platform

The system makes small changes at the air handler unit (AHU) level that result in large HVAC energy savings. This is done without impacting occupant comfort. Since the application is only controlling a few points per air handler, the costs of getting a solution up and running are minimal and typically require weeks for installation. It also means the performance of the BMS network is unaffected.

Wireless Pneumatic Thermostat technology

Cypress Envirosystems provides solutions to retrofit existing commercial buildings and industrial facilities for energy efficiency.

“Go from Pneumatic to DDC in 20 minutes” Traditional pneumatic thermostats are manual devices which do not allow for remote readings, diagnostics, or setpoint control. This means costly maintenance, wasted energy, and hot/cold calls by uncomfortable occupants. Traditionally, these problems could only be overcome by replacing the system with a new Direct Digital Control (DDC) system, a time-consuming process which disturbs occupants and costs $2,000 – $3,000 per thermostat zone.

Cypress Envirosystems Wireless Pneumatic Termostat

To ensure a high-quality installation, our partners are required to complete our Certified Integrator training program. Before you begin your project, make sure your integrator has completed this program and is certified by Cypress Envirosystems.

DVM Industries Motor Solutions

DVM Industries, Electronically commutated (EC) motors are highly efficient, programmable, brushless DC motors utilizing permanent magnet rotor and a built-in inverter. Basically, it is a DC motor (in a DC motor the mechanical commutation switches the direction of the current) with a built-in VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) and a DC to AC Transformer.

DVM Industries EC Technology stands for Electronically Commutated and combines AC and DC voltages, which is essentially a fan with a brushless DC motor, brining the best of both technologies: the motor runs on a DC voltage, but with a normal AC supply. The EC motor incorporates voltage transformation within the motor. The non-rotating part of the motor (Stator) is extended to make room for an electronic PCB (Printed Circuit Board) which includes power transformation AC to DC, as well as the controls

DVM Industries Motor Solutions

Advanced Side Stream Precipitator technology

ElectroCell Systems advanced side stream precipitator increases efficiency and minimizes risk of damage of HVAC water systems.

This truly innovative, patented Advanced Side Stream Particle Precipitator increases efficiency and minimizes risk of damage of HVAC water systems in commercial, industrial and institutional facilities.

ElectroCell Systems Side Stream Precipitator

The exclusive ElectroCell System has been perfected by nearly two decades of R&D and is validated by over 100 field installations. Our success is built on 40 years experience as an energy management, building automation, and control system contractor with a focus on ElectroCell Systems since 1997.

Everactive Wireless IoT Sensors

Everactive - Operating without batteries, Everactive wireless sensors generate a new class of data for the analytics of the future Industrial IoT. Self powered insights for the physical world.

Everactive Batteryless technology - Due to our advances in ultra-low-power circuits and wireless communication, we are able to power always-on Eversensors exclusively from low levels of harvested energy from the surrounding environment, which creates the data foundation of our full-stack Industrial IoT solutions.


IoT Sensor Application - Steam Trap Monitoring. The days of manual audits and long uninspected periods that expose steam systems to mounting losses and the risk of catastrophic failure are behind us. Now, with Everactive, achieve widespread coverage at a fraction of the cost, without any added maintenance.

M2G Intelligent Boiler Load Control

Greffen Systems, M2G is an advanced intelligent boiler control that optimizes the heating efficiency of hot water boilers.

The M2G uses self learning intelligence when deciding if and when a boiler should fire and for how long it should fire. Time delay units on the other hand will stop the burner from firing even when there is a real demand from the building for heat. The timer adds additional control but not additional intelligence to the system and comfort levels in the building will be negatively affected.

Greffen Systems M2G Intelligent Boiler Load Control

The M2G system is designed to be used in a wide variety of commercial applications that consume natural gas, LP gas, Class C oil or Class D oil. Although designed for multiple boilers, it can also be used singly and can be fitted to many types of boiler including forced draft and atmospheric systems.

Demand Control Kitchen Ventilation

Kitchen Energy Solutions, ecoAZUR demand control kitchen ventilation, brings energy savings to commercial kitchen’s electric, heating and cooling usage in the most efficient way possible.

Demand Control Kitchen Ventilation (DCKV) systems will automatically control the speed of these units by measuring the level of cooking activity. The ecoAZUR system is the pinnacle of this technology, offering the highest energy savings available and unmatched performance.

Kitchen Energy Solutions ecoAZUR Demand Control Kitchen Ventilation

The system uses real-time detection of particulate and temperature changes to adjust kitchen fan speeds when and where needed. ecoAZUR uses optic sensors, temperature sensors and optional modulating dampers to ensure the highest amount of savings for any commercial kitchen hood. This results in a clean, comfortable kitchen and energy savings that impact your bottom line.

Removable smart Insulation Jackets

Thermaxx Jacketsdesigns and manufactures removable insulation jackets and covers for pipes, steam system components, and various industrial equipment.

Thermaxx Jackets can be designed for use in extremely high and low temperatures, and are used in a variety of places including universities, hospitals, factories, LNG facilities, & residential buildings.

Thermaxx Jackets Smart Removable Insulation Jackets

The use of Thermaxx Jackets on your piping will reduce energy costs without the cost or difficulty associated with hard insulation. Because Thermaxx Jackets are removable, periodic maintenance of your pipes is performed with ease without the necessity of reinstalling hard insulation around the pipe.