CPower Energy Management

Energy is forever in motion. At CPower we never stop moving to ensure you get the maximized results you deserve.

Optimized Energy Management Strategies

CPower is an energy management company. We create optimized energy management strategies that help businesses streamline their energy usage, offset costs and reach their sustainability goals. We focus on demand response, which is a way of rewarding people for conserving energy and protecting the grid.

CPower Energy Management At Your Fingertips

Energy Management Goals

We’re passionate about helping businesses reach their energy management goals and know that there is no stronger resource to achieve those goals than the collaborative relationship we share with our customers.

Demand Response Energy Management

We only do commercial and industrial demand response. Our mission is to help businesses streamline how they use power and see that they get paid well for doing it. By working closely with your organization on a continual basis, we’re able to fine tune your demand response participation over time, which will maximize your energy savings and ensure you receive the money you deserve for your curtailment efforts.

One-Stop-Shop for Energy Demand Management

CPower Energy Management App

CPower puts powerful energy management tools at your fingertips with a simple to use, demand response solution on your desktop or mobile device. With a click of a mouse or a touch of your screen, CPower allows you to access all vital usage and load information quickly and intuitively.