BuildingIQ BMS cloud based software

Advanced, cloud-based software to reduce HVAC energy costs in commercial buildings. Our Predictive Energy Optimization™ works with a building’s Building Management System (BMS) and can work with most commercially available systems.

IoT Smart Building Tech

The solution continuously monitors inputs including weather, occupancy, energy prices and demand response events. Based on those inputs, it runs thousands of computations to arrive at the most efficient HVAC operating strategy for the next 24 hours. It makes small changes in temperature and pressure that result in large HVAC savings.

BuildingIQ BMS IoT Energy Saving Software

HVAC Energy Savings

The system makes small changes at the air handler unit (AHU) level that result in large HVAC energy savings. This is done without impacting occupant comfort. Since the application is only controlling a few points per air handler, the costs of getting a solution up and running are minimal and typically require weeks for installation. It also means the performance of the BMS network is unaffected.

Rapid Return on Investment

BuildingIQ software is installed in days, deployed in weeks, and delivers a positive ROI in months, with a guaranteed payback. And we can simplify the process of keeping PEO benefits maximized over the life of the installation with optional Managed Services.