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UVC Germicidal Systems - IESG and Greffen Systems Webinar Presentation

PowerPoint Presentation - IESG Greffen AUVCDS 12.10.2020 Webinar

OVERVIEW: UVC Germicidal Systems Webinar (12/10/2020 1:00 pm EST)

UV-C germicidal lighting fixtures are endorsed by ASHRAE and have been peer reviewed and vetted to substantiate that UV-C lighting kills pathogens on first pass contact.  This presentation will discuss implementing UV-C systems to control coronavirus in facility ductwork, rooms  and common spaces.  This webinar will provide an overview of UVC germicidal systems and how they work, including applications for UV-C Systems and their ability to kill 99.99% of bacteria, molds and viruses that accumulate in the coils of HVAC Systems and recirculate through the ventilation system.   

We will also discuss the energy saving benefits of incorporating UV-C germicidal lighting. Pathogens, bacteria, molds and viruses proliferate in the biofilm that grows on the cooling coils (air handlers, fan coils, heat pumps and PTAC units). Periodic treatment of the coils with chemicals can't keep up when you consider viruses and bacteria populations may double every 20 minutes resulting in as much as 70 trillion organisms/day.  Eliminating the recirculation of these microorganisms not only kills the coronavirus,  but also viral infectious diseases such as the cold and flu leading to less sick days and a healthier environment.

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