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Thermaxx Jackets Insulation Energy Savings Chart

This is how a properly insulated valve can save you money and justify the investment with a short Return On Investment (ROI). You will not need any tools or complicated fabrication instructions to install our Thermaxx Jackets. “JUST WRAP and STRAP”.

*Based on installation of a 1-inch thick R 3 insulating pad on an ANSI 150-pound-class, flanged valve with an ambient temperature of 65 degrees Fahrenheit and zero wind speed.

Example: Using the table above, calculate the annual fuel and dollar savings from installing a 1-inch thick insulating pad on an un-insulated 6-inch gate valve in a 150-pounds-per-square-inch-gauge (psig) saturated steam line (406°F). Assume continuous operation with natural gas, at a boiler efficiency of 80% and a fuel price of $16.00 per million Btu ($16.00/MMBtu).

Results: Annual Fuel SAVINGS= 5,800 Btu/hr x 8,760 hr/yr/ (0.80 x 106 Btu/MMBtu) = 50.8 MMBtu Annual Dollar SAVINGS= 50.8 MMBtu/yr x $16.00/MMBtu = $812.80 on EACH 6-inch valve/yr

Thermaxx Jackets Insulation Energy Savings Chart

IESG partner Thermaxx Jackets features Removable Smart Insulation Solutions for mechanical rooms.

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