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December 2021

Integrity Energy Solutions Group - New York

IESG was founded with the purpose of providing its clients with economic and sustainable energy solutions. More importantly, help its clients reduce their carbon footprint, which in return will help make our planet a greener and better place to live for generations to come! IESG will show business owners & property managers how to make educated, informed decisions in order to realize maximum savings on their energy bills.

M2G Advanced Load Monitoring ALM Solution

The M2G is an advanced intelligent boiler control that optimizes the heating efficiency of hot water boilers. A unit attached to each boiler monitors the temperature of the water in the flow and return every 10 seconds and the information is recorded, along with the heat transfer rates at both the first and second stage firings.

New York City has passed legislation in the last ten years, such as LL87, which mandates buildings over 50,000 gross sq. feet undergo periodic energy audit and retro-commissioning measures, as part of the Greener, Greater Buildings Plan (GGBP). With fines up to $5,000 issued to those who don’t comply, it’s clear that going green is more than just a suggestion in NYC. Insulation upgrades are included in these retro-commissioning measures, and Thermaxx Jackets has you covered! Brian Bannon Brian Bannon, Thermaxx Jackets

Removable Insulation in New York City, NY

IESG works with you to help make better buildings. The IDEA program seeks to leverage the potential of innovative technologies to improve energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from City government buildings.

Demand Control Kitchen Ventilation Energy Solutions

Kitchen Energy Solutions is a division of Air Solutions & Balancing, LLC with over 15 years of experience with turnkey demand control kitchen ventilation (DCKV) systems. With certified energy managers (CEM), energy auditors (CEA) and certified technicians, we are able to maximize energy efficiency in your commercial kitchen!